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Their Cleansing Shampoo is THE ONLY SHAMPOO IN INDIA that hasn’t caused any itchiness or flakiness on my scalp (PS: I have scalp dermatitis). The formulation is BANG ONNN.”

Pallavi Doijode

These 2 are amazing. Got impressed in first use itself. Love the fragrance of both. Shampoo cleanses and lathers very well. Lil is enough. Doesn't dry your hair. infact it removes the build-up too. You'll get that squeaky clean and fresh hair. Conditioner is multi functional. Used for deep conditioning and as a leave-in too. Slip is amazing. Detangled my thick and coarse hair very easily. Less product is absolutely enough.

Vyshnavi Thabjula @itsaboutbeingcurly

I used the products today! Loved themmmm. Even if there are calls for change in formulation, please keep this version available. Loved it too much. The squeaky clean and the mintiness.

Shivani Srivastava

Hi Sugarboo... am from Kerala. I bought your products and they are amazing. Every wash day I think of switching my products but I end up choosing yours. The conditioner is just heaven. I didn't think any other product that I have used till now can ever replace it. Thank you so much. Please come up with other products as well.

Megha Mohan

Hi, used your products today, too good. Loved the shampoo. The lather the fragrance, everything is so good. Needed so little amount to feel fresh. :)

Jaishree Arjun Gunnala

Most favourite thing about the products is the minty fragrance….this makes your hair squeaky clean…hair feels so soft and shiny…I have used the conditioner as leave in too…so all you need is a gel to complete the routine….the pros of the routine using sugarboo is it’s minimalistic,budget friendly,beginner friendly too…conditioner has amazing slip (just wait a minute and then run your fingers down…it was that simple…I did not use brush for detangling)…overall this combo is totally worth it🥰

Aparna Jayan

SugarBoo Curls is amazing ! It's a complete package .... Shrinkage , moisturising ... Easiest wash day ... I had been struggling with my hair for 2 yrs ... and today I was so happy ... thank you so much ! Please come with an awesome DC

Bhavana Veerendra

In total I have fallen in love with mu curls because of SugarBoo leave in and curl cream reduced my frizziness..and turned my curls bouncy. Thank you for sending me the 2 best combos that is ever launched.

Christina Mercy